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Tim Griffiths is an artist and urban sketcher based in Birmingham in the UK.

After qualifying as in 1980 he spent five years working as an architect for a Birmingham practice before changing career path. Finding architecture offered a limited creative outlet he worked to establish himself as an architectural illustrator, Working in ink, airbrush and gouache he took on assistants to help work to the deadlines demanded.

After two years the company moved into offices and studios in Coleshill, added a co-director to the business, took on more staff and branched into interior design.

In 1990 the company moved into its own offices, added further staff and architectural modelmaking, digital graphic design and architecture to its repertoire. Eventually it would be involved in international projects designing theme parks and family entertainment centres.

By 1995 the artwork was all computer based using computer modelling to generate images. This allowed the use of the traditional art techniques of ink drawing and watercolour painting to once more become a leisure pursuit.

In the year 2000 the company closed due to the death of his business partner and the collapse of a major client. Since then the computer modelling has continued, and much of the time is now spent sketching for charity.

The charity in question is who are engaged in reforestation work in Madagascar. Something that can ultimately benefit us all.

If you would like to have any of his sketches please go to the GALLERY tab.

Indoor Sketching Kit.jpg



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