We originally started producing artwork in 1985. At that time the prevalent way of generating images was by hand and we used ink, airbrush and guache to achieve our effects.


Since 1994 we have been producing computer generated images. We can work from any type of brief from a verbal description, through a rough sketch to a full CAD designed scheme. If you are only in the early stages of design but need images to push the project forward we can provide them.


We are based in Birmingham in the UK but work for clients all over the world. Our artwork is normally supplied as .jpg files for still images and .avi files for PAL, NTSC and HD animations but we can output to a range of formats to suit the way you like to work.


Typical turnaround time for still images is a week but faster times can be achieved if there are time pressures and our schedule allows.


We aim to solve problems rather than create them.


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